Minimal iOS icons


A set of 192 simple, minimalistic icons that you can use to customize your ✨iOS aesthetic.✨

Are you ready to level up your iOS homescreen and endure the Trial of Sheer Determination*? If yes, proceed forth, Adventurer! 🧙🏻‍♀️

What's included in this minimal iOS icon set?

  • 192 individual icons for Top Downloaded Apps and select web3/crypto Apps
  • Three colorways: White on Black, Black on White, Synth on Black (so that's 576 icons total, but you'll likely not use all 576 unless you have many devices or like to change your look frequently)
  • Instructions and digital encouragement (see below)

What is the Trial of Sheer Determination? 🧗

After purchasing this icon set (or any icon set for that matter), you will need to undergo the Trial of Sheer Determination. First, you will download icon images you want to use onto your device. Then you will need to create a script for each app icon you want to replace. Every adventurer's journey will look different here— some may be done in 30 minutes; others will never make it to the end. To help you on your journey, I bestow upon you this How-To video so that you can determine if you are ready yet.

What if I want a colorway 🎨 that's not available?

An adventurer who likes the path not taken! Find me online and I shall conjure up a colorway to your liking.

What icons are included?

Applications - 1Password, Acorns, Airbnb, Albert, Alexa, AllTrails, Amazon, Arlo, Authy, Bing, Bumble, Canva, Cash App, Chrome, Crunchyroll, Discord, Disney Plus, DoorDash, DoorDasher, ESPN, Etsy, Facebook, Figma, Google, Google Chat, Google Drive, Google Home, Google Photos, Hinge, Hue, Impulse, Influence, Instacart, Instagram, Lemonade, Life360, Line, LingoDeer, LinkedIn, McDonalds, Medium, Messenger, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Teams, Mint, Miro, Netflix, Nextdoor, Nike, Notion, OneDrive, Onrise, ParkMobile, Paypal, Pinterest, Prime Video, Procreate, Reddit, Robinhood, Shazam, Shein, Shop, Signal, Slack, Snapchat, Spotify, Squarespace, Substack, Target, Telegram, Testflight, Tidbyt, Tiktok, Tinder, Twitch, Twitter, Unfold, Venmo, VSCO, Walmart, Waze, Wealthfront, Webtoon, WhatsApp, xFinity, Youtube, Youtube Music, Youtube TV, Zelle, Zillow

Apple defaults - Applications, Clips, Compass, Find My, Fitness, Safari, Settings, Watch

Generic icons - Audiobook, Authenticator, Bank, Bills, Business, Calculator, Calendar, Camera, Clock, Coffee, Cycle tracker, Document, Email, Files, Fitness, Flight, Food 1, Food 2, Games, Health, List, Maps, Messenger, Mic, Music, News, Pet, Phone, Photo, Photoediting, Plants, Reading, Rideshare, Shield - cross, Shield - heart, Sleep / Stars, Smart doorbell, Social, Sound, Spreadsheet, Stocks - down, Stocks - up, Streaming, Tickets, Translate, Video camera 1, Video camera 2, VPN key, Wallet, Weather, Writing

Web3 icons - 1Inch, Argent, Binance, Bitcoin generic, Bitpay, Bittrex,, Brave, Coinbase Wallet, Coinbase, CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, Cointracker, Decentralized generic, Enjin, Ethereum generic, eToro, Floor, Gemini, Kraken, KuCoin Wallet, KuCoin, Ledger Live, Metamask, MEW, Nexo, NFT Go, OKCoin, OpenSea, Opera, ORB App, Phantom, Phaver, Rainbow, Strike, Trust Wallet, Unstoppable Domains, Uphold, Warpcast, xPortal, Zapper, Zerion,

What if I want an icon that's not available?

An adventurer in need of rarer resources, huh! Find me online and I may quest for your required resources.

How did this icon set originate? 📜

For my curious historians, the key remaining artifact still lives on Twitter. Whether or not this will still live depends on the dictatorship of our current ruling Twitter King. TL;DR: these icons were made for myself, but are now available for download and purchase.

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Minimal iOS icons

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